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  • sell it on ebay, you get easily over $250 for a BC PS3 and $200 for a non BC PS3, so its a massive rip off. Like everything at gamestop.

    Gamestop is just going to resale your "$150 PS3" for like $250

    "A dramatic price reduction to $150 for PS3 would be terrific for Sony and for the industry overall. A value-priced PS3 could rapidly increase the base and would free up more consumer revenue for higher software sales volume," Pidgeon told .

  • While $150 is insulting, a lot of people will do this offer. The average consumer is not very well informed and more importantly will opt for a $150 PS3 Slim (after they trade in their PS3) rather than try to sell it on eBay. The convenience factor is sort of what they will give in to since people don't like having to wait for their machines to sell on eBay and some people just want cash now. So, the price you pay for "cash now" is...well, the price. They pay you less for convenience.

    If you have a fat PS3 without BC then I can see a lot of people opting for this just for the sake of getting a smaller PS3 since they aren't really losing anything. If you have an original, there's not ever going to be a reason to trade in your PS3 towards any new PS3 model since they will never re-add BC to PS3. My - now 500GB - original PS3 80GB is doing just fine.

    I understand why they give $150 for ps3`s they gotta earn some real money to. Also guys it depends on what model u have to say how much you will get. These numbers are probley based off of the just replaced 80GB models. But i agree ebay that stuff alot better way to go with it.

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