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iPhone 3GS. More to love. Less to pay.

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  • The new iPhone 3GS has an unusually rich voice-control interface, finally moving the iPhone up to, and beyond, every other mobile phone we've owned in the past decade, which all supported some form of voice dialing. iPhone 3GS sets a new standard with true speech recognition. It recognizes every name in your address book, and every playlist, artist and album title in your music library. And it just works — no training or pre-recording needed.

    The competition is worth a note. The touchscreen Samsung Omnia, released last summer but eclipsed by iPhone 3G, not only records video but has an editor to let you add transitions, titles, voiceovers or MP3 music. Omnia records video a quarter the resolution of iPhone 3GS's, though: just 320 by 240. (The Omnia retails for $599, or $200 from Verizon with a 2-year service contract.)

  • While video recording leaves a few things to be desired, the fact that it's always with you more than makes up for its limitations. With quality this good today, and HD quality surely coming in another year or two, the dedicated camcorder's days may be numbered. We reviewed the Flip Mino HD last year, and it certainly outperforms the iPhone 3GS, but on the other hand, we have to remember to take it with us and then return to a Mac or PC before we can share video online. The bar has been raised.

    Multiple tipsters, French site Nowhere Else, , and AppleInsider itself have all reported first-hand accounts of the back of white iPhone 3GS models turning in certain areas that are usually towards the edges.

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    Mark Peters : June 8th 2009 - 23:40 CET

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    New with the iPhone 3GS (ignoring previous "jailbreak" projects) is video recording: 640x480 video at a full 30 frames per second (roughly DVD quality). It's super-easy and looks great. You can trim videos right on the iPhone 3GS, then email them or send them to YouTube or a MobileMe gallery.

iPhone 3GS 16GB Bottom Front View

Yes, the competition is much closer to Apple now than it was two years ago. But the iPhone 3GS makes it clear: Apple is still leading the pack, in most cases by a wide margin.